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What To Do With A Polaroid Picture After It Prints? 5 Ideas

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Polaroids have made a massive comeback in the past few years, with good reason! They’re a fun and nostalgic way to capture memories. Plus, they’re unique because you can’t exactly replicate the experience of printing a photo in person. But what do you do with your Polaroid picture once you’ve snapped it?

What to do with a Polaroid picture after it prints
What to do with a Polaroid picture after it prints?

The Polaroid picture should be handled carefully after it prints, as the emulsion is still wet. It’s essential to treat it with care. Avoid touching the photo surface as much as possible. Don’t bend or fold the photo, which could damage the image. If you need to move the picture, do so very gently.

In a world where everything is digital, sometimes it’s nice to have a physical photo to hang on your wall or put in a photo album. Read on to learn how to protect and preserve your polaroids!

What Should I Do With My Polaroid Picture After It’s Printed?

There are several ways to protect and preserve your photo for many years. Touching the surface should be avoided if possible. Handle it gently to prevent any damage to the image.

What Should I Do With My Polaroid Picture After Its Printed
What Should I Do With My Polaroid Picture After Its Printed?

If you need to move it, do so slowly and carefully. Place it face down or shield it from direct light.

Here are some photography ideas on what to do with your Polaroid once it’s printed: 

  1. Use an album or box. 
  2. Display the photo in a frame.
  3. Display your polaroids on a bulletin board or fridge with magnets or thumbtacks.
  4. Write a special note, date, or another sentiment, and pass the photo on to a loved one as a great memory.
  5. Create a scrapbook page featuring your Polaroid image.

Once the photo has dried, you can write on it in the bottom white border area with a pen or pencil.

This can be a fun way to personalize your photos and make them more unique. You can add the date or event to create a special memento.

Should You Keep Polaroids In The Dark?

If you’ve ever shot instant film, you know how important it is to protect your photos from light. Polaroid film is especially light-sensitive. Even after it’s printed, it’s still sensitive and can be easily overexposed.

Should You Keep Polaroids In The Dark
Should You Keep Polaroids In The Dark?

Even after the film has been ejected from the camera, it remains light-sensitive.

The film shield that may be found on your camera will extend over the photo and protect it from light during these critical first seconds.

For several reasons, you should place your Polaroid image face down or cover it after it prints.

One reason is that it protects the photo from being overexposed to light. Placing the photo face down also prevents accidental damage before the image dries.

How Do You Preserve Polaroid Pictures?

Once the Polaroid ink is dry, you can preserve the Polaroid picture by using an album box for storage, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, storing your photos flat, and avoiding moisture or humidity to prevent damage. You can also scan the image to share digitally on social media with your friends and family.

How Do You Preserve Polaroid Pictures
How Do You Preserve Polaroid Pictures?

Here are four great ideas on how to store your best pics:

  • Use an album or box: You can keep your pictures in acid-free albums or photo boxes to extend their life and protect them. 
  • Avoid direct light: Avoid exposing your images to direct sunlight, which can cause the print to fade.
  • Store your photos flat: Avoid bending or folding your Polaroid pictures. Bending and folding can leave creases and faded sections.
  • Avoid moisture and humidity: Store your pics in a climate-controlled area. High humidity and moisture can cause the image to degrade. So can temperature extremes, either very cold or very hot.

You should ensure that photo albums or sleeves are designed for photos.

This will help to protect the image from dust and other debris. You can also find sleeves with a clear front, so you can still see the photo while it’s protected.

You can also create a custom album for prints.

This is a great way to show off your photos and keep them safe and organized while showing off your personality and memorable moments. You can choose from various album styles and sizes, so you’ll find one perfect for your needs.

When it comes to displaying your photos, there are endless possibilities.

You can use a traditional frame or go for something unique, like a magnet frame. You can even create a custom book with your favorite Polaroids. There are so many options, so get creative and have fun!

How Long Do Polaroid Photos Last?

Polaroid pictures can last up to 100 years when stored properly. As mentioned before, moisture, heat, and light can cause the image to degrade. Proper photo storage means an excellent, dry, dark spot like an album or box.

Digital media has made it possible to keep Polaroid pictures around forever.

How Long do Polaroid Photos Last
How Long Do Polaroid Photos Last?

By scanning them and converting your Polaroids to a digital format, you can ensure they are always accessible. This technique is a great way to preserve memories from childhood or any other time in your life.

Do Polaroids Fade Over Time?

Even if you store your photos in absolutely perfect conditions, you’ll likely experience some fading as time passes. Also, you might see some discoloration in the brighter areas. Usually, the first sign is yellowing around the edges or near lights. 

Do Polaroids Fade Over Time
Do Polaroids Fade Over Time?

Polaroids are a unique way to capture memories. They offer a physical image you can hold in your hand and display in your home. With proper care, your Polaroid pictures can last a lifetime.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to store and preserve your Polaroid pictures, you can enjoy them for years. Using our tips, you can keep your prints in excellent condition and show them off to your friends and family.

Remember that polaroids are a unique way to capture memories, so snap some photos while you can!

One final tip: don’t forget to enjoy your pictures!

Take them out and look at them from time to time. They’ll bring back great memories and make you smile.

Thanks for reading!

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