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9 Phone Selfie Tips for Guys to Turn Your Mug Into a Masterpiece

If you are anything like me, you know the pain of trying to take a decent selfie. I’m pretty handy with a camera. Jaw-dropping landscapes, no problem. Beautiful portraits and street photography – aced.

But as soon as I turn that camera around or point the smartphone at my face, I become a noob.

Phone Selfie Tips for Guys

I wanted to change that and thus used all my photographic knowledge to create this guide on phone selfie tips for guys. I share nine easy-to-implement tips that will turn your selfies from disaster zones to stunning masterpieces in seconds – enjoy!

Stick Your Jaw Out to Remove That Double Chin

Stick Your Jaw Out to Remove That Double Chin

We’ve all had that horrendous realization when a selfie clearly shows we have a double chin. Instant delete. Often, this is not because you have an extra pouch under your chin but because of your pose.

It’s all about your jaw and neck angle. To eliminate that pesky double chin, protrude your jaw and neck forward slightly – an inch or so further than you usually would. This creates separation, stretches your neck, and creates more shadow to hide any doubling!

Use a Natural Indirect Light Source to Illuminate Your Features

Use a Natural Indirect Light Source to Illuminate Your Features

A common issue I see with guys’ selfies is a lack of light – you can maybe make out the person’s eyes, but their face is shrouded in shadow – it’s not a flattering look.

This is where I always try and have a natural light source for my selfies.

Natural light is subtle and softer than something harsh like a smartphone flash. It helps illuminate your features and create a selfie even with no part too covered by shadow. A natural light source could be as simple as standing near a window.

Look at the Camera When Taking the Photo!

Look at the Camera When Taking the Photo

 This tip might seem logical, but how often I have been guilty of this is surprising! When looking into a mirrorless camera – it’s pretty clear where the lens is and where you must look! However, the same isn’t valid for smartphones.

The instinct is to look at the phone’s center, but this isn’t where the lens is! Instead, look directly into the smartphone camera lens, usually at the top of the phone. This translates to you looking at the right angle in your selfie.

Think About the Background Elements

Think About the Background Elements

While your face is the main element of a selfie, don’t discount the background too. A scene can add depth and intrigue to your selfies. Backgrounds can also detract from the selfie and draw attention away from your immaculate face!

Consider what you want to achieve with the photo and frame your background accordingly. This could mean moving to a slightly different location, removing objects in the background, or changing your camera’s aperture to put less in focus.

Consider What “Look” You Want to Achieve

Consider What “Look” You Want to Achieve

Usually, when I’m taking a selfie, it’s for a specific purpose and means something. As a result, I always consider the look I want to achieve and adjust my facial expression and pose accordingly.

Want to look handsome and intriguing?

Maybe give a slight smile with no teeth showing, and raise your eyebrows? Perhaps you want to show off your fun side and don’t care about your look? In these instances, give a big cracking smile or do what feels natural! 

Whatever look you want to achieve, consider your pose and smile.

Experiment With Different Camera Angles

Experiment With Different Camera Angles

The typical selfie angle from which 99% of self-portraits are taken is arm’s length, with the smartphone held around the same height as your head. While this is fine, don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles too.

Why not try holding your smartphone lower – pointing upwards at your face?

Or maybe you could hold it higher or out to one side. The possibilities are endless, and using different camera angles can create unique and exciting selfies instead of the same generic shot millions of other men post on Insta every day!

Get a Selfie Stick!

Get a Selfie Stick!

 A good old selfie stick is a truly amazing accessory to have. It allows you to experiment with angles even more, but you can also reduce the typical “selfie effect” – i.e., photos where you can tell you’re holding your phone at arm’s length!

Selfie sticks allow you to create photos with more background if you want to tell a story or are a travel influencer.

Don’t be Afraid to Change Your Smartphone Camera Settings

Don’t be Afraid to Change Your Smartphone Camera Settings

 Using your smartphone’s “auto” camera setting is incredibly tempting. I get it – it’s quick, easy, and the camera is usually intelligent enough to get it right.

However, this can limit your creativity, and you can get more professional results by changing the settings. For example, you could adjust the aperture to change the depth of field and ensure only you are in focus with a nice, blurred background.

Look at your camera settings and see what you can find – most smartphone cameras also have some cool shooting modes you can play with.

Do a Little Editing Afterwards

Don’t be afraid to download a smartphone editing app like Lightroom CC or Snapseed to touch up your photos after.

Everyone does this!

Do you think all those Instagram masterpieces are original photos without any editing? Of course not! 

You can use editing apps to change colors, exposure, temperature, and contrast and improve imperfections.

Try These Selfie Tips for Guys Out and WOW Your Friends Today

I’ve been implementing these selfies tips for guys over the last few weeks, and there has been a noticeable improvement! My double chin has gone, I’ve got some slick camera angles, and I’m now a pro with my Samsung Galaxy camera!

Why not have a go and see what epic photos you can take using these tricks and start a new age of sublime selfies?

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